How To Check The Motherboard Model Number In Windows?

Is there a way to tell what motherboard your computer is running? Here’s how to determine your motherboard’s brand, model, and serial number. Any computer, laptop or desktop would be incomplete without a motherboard. Most critical components, such as networking, sound/graphics/chipsets, RAM (Memory), and storage, may be found here. Make sure that any new hardware you purchase is compatible with your motherboard before installing it on your computer. It will not function properly if they are not compatible with the motherboard.

For example, in the case of a RAM module, you must know what sort of RAM is compatible with your motherboard before buying it. Installing a memory module you purchased that isn’t compatible with your system may be impossible. The memory module may not operate even if you manage to install it. In the worst-case situation, the motherboard might be damaged by mismatched devices and drivers.

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Many Methods Exist For Verifying The Motherboard’s Model Number.

Component compatibility is one of the most perplexing questions when considering a system update for your laptop or desktop computer. Regarding compatibility, your motherboard’s specs are most likely to matter, so keep that in mind.

CPU, RAM, and graphics cards are just a few of the standard components found on a motherboard that work together to provide your computer with the performance you expect. You need to know what sort of RAM will fit, whether or not your motherboard has PCIe 4.0 slots, whether or not you can accommodate your new M.2 SSD, and what kind of fancy CPUs you can purchase.

Purchasing History Or Device Model May Be Found By Using Option 1.

In some instances, you may be able to find out the model number of your motherboard by tracing it back to the seller you acquired it from. There are product codes or IDs that you may use to find out more about your computer’s hardware. For your review, shop-built PCs like CyberPowerPC or Maingear usually give a complete hardware list in the order history. Check your order history if you built the PC and don’t know who supplied the motherboard.

 1: Make Use Of The Windows System Information. “

Windows 10’s System Information feature, although not flawless, may be able to assist you in identifying the motherboard of your machine. The System Information window may be accessed by simply following these steps. You may accomplish this by clicking the Windows logo on your taskbar or hitting the keyboard’s key on your keyboard, whichever you prefer. Enter “System Information” into the Start menu to open the System Information app.

Third-Party Software Might Be Used As An Option.

In addition to the Windows System Information screen, software choices are available thanks to IT specialists, PC modders and system overclockers. To name only a few,

  • ·HWiNFO
  • ·CPU-Z
  • ·Speccy

They’re all quite simple to use after being installed to get information on the motherboard.


When you first launch HWiNFO, a slew of windows will appear. One of these will have a Summary, Save, Sensors, and About button on the top of it. It is on the left pane below the buttons to click, which will disclose your detected motherboard information on the right pane. To see the motherboard information CPU-Z can detect, go to the “Mainboard” tab at the top of the window.


The spec is straightforward: When you first open it, the “Motherboard” column in the right pane should identify the model of your motherboard. Click “Motherboard” if you need further information.

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Take A Peek Inside The Computer.

You or a responsible third party may get access to your PC’s motherboard via an open case. We strongly advise you to do this activity with the PC turned off and the power cord unplugged for your safety.

The architecture of many of the chipset components means that the placement of branding, names, and model information on most motherboards is seldom constant. Model and brand information is often located near the CPU, along with one of the PCI expansion card ports, or on the heatsinks of more aesthetically pleasing motherboard models.

The Written Text On The Motherboard Should Be Checked.

Remove the side panel from your desktop PC and inspect the motherboard. On the motherboard, either in the center or on the side, are the model number and the name of the manufacturer. A brief reference is located in the picture below. Depending on the board’s size and components’ location, each manufacturer prints the model number data differently. As a result, you may need to search a little more closely to discover the model number.

Additionally, if you have the motherboard’s owner’s handbook or the cardboard box it arrived in, the model number is also be found on these. Here are three more options for those who can’t or don’t want to open their PC case. The model number will be visible to them directly in Windows.

 Go To Msinfo32 And Type In The Motherboard Model Number.

The System Information tool in Windows can give you the model number of the motherboard you are now using. Here’s how to locate it. To enter the Run dialogue box, use the “Start key + R.” “msinfo32” should be typed in the blank area and pressed “Ok.” The System Information tool will be opened.

This is where you’ll find the system summary on the sidebar. “Baseboard Manufacturer,” “Baseboard Product,” and “Baseboard Version” sections on the right panel show the manufacturer name, model number, and version of your motherboard.

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The Motherboard Model Number May Be Found With This Command:

Check the motherboard model, manufacturer, version and serial number using the built-in WMI (Windows Management Instrument) command-line program. What follows is a step-by-step guide. Look at the Start menu and type “Command Prompt” in the search field. Perform the following action. This will show information about the product’s maker, model and version numbers, and the serial number in a tabular format.

Make Use Of An App From A Third Party.

Many excellent free tools for Windows can gather information about your computer’s hardware. One of these free tools is CPU-Z. Learn how to utilize it to discover your motherboard’s model number. CPU-Z may be downloaded for free from here. Double-click the exe file to begin the installation process. Open CPU-Z from the Start menu or the desktop after the installation. The “Mainboard” tab is next. Listed in their respective fields are the manufacturer and model names.

CPU-advantage Z’s is that it also provides data on other hardware components, such as memory, graphics, and the CPU. Nothing more. You don’t need any special software to find the model and manufacturer of your motherboard under Windows.