How To Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop

We were all in a scenario where we needed to snap a screenshot on our laptop but didn’t know how. So, we had to utilize the camera on our phone to capture our screen. Or, if we didn’t have our phone with us at the time, all we could do was look hopelessly and yearn for a better method to record our displays. Even if we were able to shoot one, the photos did not preserve their quality. The result was often shaky or blurry and overall seemed amateurish.

Fortunately, Lenovo laptops provide us with a plethora of alternatives for capturing the screen without the need for any other equipment other than the machine itself. Not to worry, we will discuss some of the techniques that we may use to capture a screenshot on our Lenovo laptop in the next section.

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How Can I Take a Lenovo Laptop Screenshot?

The techniques we use to take screenshots differ based on the kind of computer we are using and the software we are using to operate our computer on that machine. In our case, Lenovo provides both alternatives that rely on our software or operating system and options that do not rely on any of these factors, which is fortunate.

Method 1

We can only utilize this strategy if our Lenovo laptop is running Windows 10 at the time of writing. It operates by using a combination of the buttons on our keyboard to accomplish its goals. In order to print the screen, we must first press and hold the Windows button, and then press and hold the [Prt Sc] (Print Screen) button while still holding the Windows button. The screen dimming for a brief period of time indicates that a screenshot is being captured. The screenshot may be found in the screenshots folder in our files once it has been taken and saved. It may be accessed using the following path: This PC>Pictures>Screenshots.

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Method 2

Furthermore, this procedure is applicable for the Lenovo Laptop that is running the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. A repeat appearance of the Windows button is included in the button combination that we are going to employ this time. It is necessary to begin by pushing and holding down the window button, and it is also necessary to press and hold down the W button while pressing and holding down the window button. The right-hand side of our screen will display a sidebar menu, which we may choose from. We’ll need to choose the Screen sketch option from the pop-up menu to get started. This approach provides us with the flexibility to alter the picture in any manner we see fit. After we’ve made our preferred modifications, we may save the photo and utilize it as needed.

Method 3

When we covered the prior approaches, we explored several methods of recording our screen on Lenovo laptops depending on whether they were running a certain operating system (in the past situations, Windows 10) or not. This approach, on the other hand, does not have any such prerequisites. Despite the fact that this approach involves more steps, it also integrates the capabilities of the other two methods in one.

 It is necessary to begin by hitting the [Prt Sc] (Print Screen) button on our keyboard in order to employ this procedure. The picture of our current screen will be copied to the clipboard as a result of this. To open the picture in our selected software, we will need to open paint or a similar application such as Pinta or Adobe Lightroom. We will then paste the image into our chosen program by using the paste option. We may change the image according to our requirements by using the options provided by the application that we are now using. When we are finished, we may go to the File menu and save the picture to our computer’s hard drive.

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Method 4

Aside from that, there are practical programs accessible that are really handy for capturing or recording our screen. Snagit is one example of such an app. If we do not already have this application installed on our computer, we may download and install it right away. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, respectively. After we have completed the installation of this software on our Lenovo laptop, we must log in using our account. There is a free trial version of the application access, but we may also purchase the program to have access to all of its capabilities.

Following our successful sign-in, we will be able to see a Capture button on the program’s interface. Following the click of the capture button, we may pick the region we wish to capture by clicking and dragging the mouse button on the screen. Once we are finished, we will need to click on the camera icon to take a picture of it. Snagit also provides the option and special tools for editing the picture, and after we are finished, we may save the image by pressing [Ctrl] (Control)+ S on our keyboard.

Method 5

Windows provides us with a screenshot application known as the Snipping Tool. It can capture screenshots of rectangles, open windows, the full screen, or a free-form region. We may find this utility by utilizing the search option. After we’ve found and opened the software, we’ll go to the menu bar and pick New. Please keep in mind that the screen may remain grey until we choose a window. From the mode area of the menu bar, we can now pick the sort of screenshot we wish to capture.

The four alternatives stated above are available. We’ll choose our preferred form and then left-click on the window we’ve selected. This should take a screenshot of our screen. The selected window usually has a crimson border.


We can’t keep track of how many times we needed to record our screen but were unable to do so due to a lack of technical skills. This is an emotion that many gamers have had when they wanted to show off their numbers but were unable to do so. We are hopeful that our conversation about alternative techniques for collecting screenshots on our Lenovo laptop will prevent us from having to deal with this sort of difficulty in the future.