Best Motherboards For i5 10600k

Intel’s Core i5-10600K motherboards are reviewed here. Full ATX, microATX, and mini ITX motherboards are perfect for gaming, while microATX and mini ITX motherboards are ideal for everyday computing.

The Intel Comet Lake CPUs are the latest in Intel’s processor lineup. In terms of raw performance, these chips outperform every other Core i5-10600K model now available on the market, excluding overclocking. At this price point, it’s an excellent choice for a mid-range gaming PC that doesn’t break the bank in terms of quality or price. Choosing the best 2 motherboards for an Intel Core i5 10600K requires careful consideration of several criteria. For starters, we need a board that has enough USB 3 ports and slots to support any extra controller you might add in the future (like an SSD drive or something similar) (like an SSD drive or something similar).

The board should also be able to provide high-quality sounds utilizing Creative’s SBX Pro Studio and Crystal Voice effects. Our Best Motherboard for i5 10600K should have built-in WiFi capabilities, as this is such a simple addition these days—even the cheapest motherboards sometimes have WiFi. However, selecting the best Motherboard for an i5 10600K processor is not a simple task. Choosing the Best Motherboard For I5 10600k might be difficult with so many alternatives available nowadays. This guide will help break down everything you need to know about Best Motherboards for i5 10600K. It will also help you limit the currently available options on the market.

Quick Buying Tips!

The following characteristics are required on an i5 10600K motherboard:

It’s important to know whatever sort of processor you’re getting. You should be able to use your CPU with the best Motherboard for i5 10600K. This does not matter as long as it matches your CPU.

USB 2.0 Ports: 

A USB port is required to connect peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. There must be at least six USB 2.0 ports on the best Motherboard for the Intel Core i5 10600K. The USB 3.0 and USB Type C connectors on the Best Motherboard for i5 10600K are beneficial.

Motherboards come in various sizes, so yours should be no trouble to put in your computer case. Because of its tiny size, the best Motherboard for an i5 10600K may be placed almost anyplace on your desk. An efficient cable management system should also be included in the best Motherboard for Intel’s i5 10600K.

Best Motherboard with a Wireless Adapter A wireless adapter is essential to get the best Motherboard under $100. The best Motherboard for an i5 10600K will deliver the most significant potential internet speed using a WiFi connection. Wireless connection at 5 GHz means that Best Best Best Best Best Motherboard 2019 customers will always have access to fast internet.

A motherboard’s compatibility is a critical consideration that should not be undervalued. When connecting to various devices, the Best Cheap Best Motherboards should have no issues. Best Motherboard for i5 10600K should be able to manage the purchase of your preferred components.

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k At a Glance:

  1. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex
  2. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Elite
  3. MSI MPG Z490
  4. MSI MEG Z490I Unify
  5. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G G

The Best Motherboards For i5 10600k That You Can Buy Today

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k
ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex (Image credit: Amazon)

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex

Best Premium Motherboards For i5 10600k


Brand: ASUS | Processor: Intel 10th Gen | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 64 GB, 2 x DIMM | Memory Speed: 2900 MHz to 4800 MHz (O.C) | Socket: LGA1200 | Form Factor: ATX | VRM: 8+2 | Dimensions: 14.50 x 12.20 x 4.25 inches |


Multiple fan headers

Extended VRM heatsink

Onboard Diagnostic Switches


No Video Ports

It’s impossible to find anything like the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex motherboard in any other gaming PC. It is backed by a revised fan arrangement tuned for speed and stability for all eleven stages of the ten-stage power scheme. This Motherboard shares ASUS’s reputation for creating the world’s most influential and high-performing motherboards. In addition to the ability to overclock the ROG Maximus XP’s core level to 5 GHz, you’ll be able to use technologies like EVGA’s ACX 2.0. The proprietary Powerplay technology also allows you to enjoy sound effects that you’ve never heard before on a computer.

What’s more, the Motherboard is so adaptable that even novice overclockers may use it. The ability to unlock the voltage and operate at a faster clock speed than stock may be gained with a simple modification to the default voltage and multiplier settings. This is an exceptionally cost-effective solution to boost your system’s performance while keeping the price reasonable. Overclocking your Motherboard may be accomplished by pushing a few buttons in the BIOS. As a result, overclocked users have complete command over their devices, allowing them to boost performance and discover new strategies for improving productivity.

The Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex motherboard also has a sound system that is nothing short of groundbreaking. The onboard music engine automatically modifies the hardware and software settings to provide an astonishingly lifelike experience using the same technologies and fan speeds used in professional audio products. Overclocking your ROG Maximus XII motherboard is the most excellent choice if you’re searching for a motherboard that will enhance your gaming experience. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be asking why it took us so long to find out about this.

Test bench overclockers will like the slanted SATA ports. In contrast to standard SATA ports facing the Motherboard straight, the SATA cable wraps around the Motherboard. Although it seems to have a 16-phase VRM, it’s an 8-phase VRM that’s been doubled. It’s a massive advantage for overclockers to have VRMs that can provide 1.2V 200A output with just 16W of heat. This Motherboard’s VRM cooling isn’t a problem.

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k
GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Elite (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Enthusiast Motherboards For i5 10600k


Brand: Gigabyte | Processor:Intel 10th Gen | Chipset: Intel Z490 Express | Memory: 128GB, 4 x DIMM | Memory Speed: 2133 MHz to 5000 MHz (O.C) | Socket: LGA1200 | Form Factor: E-ATX | VRM: 16+1 | Dimensions: 14.96 x 12.36 x 5.12 inches |


3 M.2 Drive Slots

Power Efficient by design

Shielded Memory Routing


No SATA Controllers

The GIGABYTE Z490 Aorus Elite series is an excellent option if you’re searching for a long-lasting motherboard. One of the most excellent motherboards for enthusiast gamers and all-in-one systems is on the market today. The Aorus line of motherboards stands out from the crowd because of the wealth of information accessible on motherboards. While several claims to be the finest, only the Aorus series comes close in terms of overall value. It’s difficult to find fault with the Aorus Z Gaming motherboard when all the features it offers are considered.

Because it is the greatest, you’ll understand why it is highly acclaimed. There are many features on the GIGABYTE Z490 Aorus Elite motherboard. Other features and advantages include using M.2 and USB 3.2 discs in two separate solid-state drives. You don’t have to compromise the quality of sound and visuals that the Aorus series is known for to get the most outstanding performance out of your computer.

A whopping eight audio output channels, including rear speakers, headphone connections, and Audacity recording facilities, lets you connect as many speakers as you like to your music or link directly into your computer display for crystal-clear audio.

GIGABYTE Z490 Aorus Elite Motherboard:

What You Need to Know! Whether you’re playing World of Warcraft, Crysis, or simply using your computer for everyday tasks, this PC has everything you need to get the most out of it. Microsoft Office 2021, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign are just some of the apps used on this computer. It also has a strong CPU and an intuitive user interface.

“The price” is the one negative to having so much technology on a single board, but Gigabyte has gone all out with this Motherboard. A bigger chassis won’t be a bad idea since all the connectors are directed toward the Motherboard. However altogether, this Motherboard will cost you money, but it’s worth it when you’re overclocking your processor. Without a doubt, the most fantastic board for an i5 10600K.

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Flagship Motherboards For i5 10600k


Brand: MSI | Processor: Intel 10th Gen | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128GB, 4 x DIMM | Memory Speed: 2133 MHz to 5000 MHz (O.C) | Socket: LGA1200 | Form Factor: ATX | VRM: 12+1+1 | Dimensions: 12 x 9.6 x 2 inches |


Sturdy PCB Build

Mystic Light RGB

Supreme Audio Boost technology


No PCIe 4.0 slot

The solid and modern Intel processors in the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi motherboard are designed to provide total pleasure for its user friends and gamers all around the globe. The Multi-point Power Control on this Motherboard is automated, so you won’t have to worry about manually adjusting the power your CPU and graphics card need.

The voltage and fan speeds may be adjusted to maximum capacity, allowing you to utilize as many devices as you want in the most comfortable manner. The USB Port is one of the most excellent elements in this business that has been available thus far. Any USB device, such as your printer or scanner, may be connected to this fantastic connection without extra drivers or ports.

To improve the plug and play experience, the four-pin connection has been configured in such a manner as to allow for the use of USB Type 2. You don’t need a mouse driver or port to connect it to your mouse. Excellent features and technologies are included in this Motherboard to make your life easier and less stressful. The PCI Express slot, the M.2 slot, the eSATA port, and the dual-ported audio and video port are all supported. The CPU, audio and video speakers, SATA port, and more are all incorporated onto one Motherboard.

Since the ports for audio and video are neatly organized, using high-definition audio and video is a cinch. Check out this model’s heat sink and cooling fan for yourself. It’s possible to cool your CPU with a standard cooler, but this MSI Gaming Edge offers a unique feature. A high-efficiency dual ball-bearing fan aids in cooling your computer effectively. Additionally, the USB 2.0 ports on this MSI motherboard may connect gaming devices to an iPad or iPhone.

It includes everything you need for gaming, productivity, and creating content. Your gaming demands will be met thanks to the abundance of USB connections, Thunderbolt ports, Display Ports, Antenna Connections, and M.2 slots. CyberPunk 2022 at 1080p with 60+ frames per second with high settings is no problem with this Motherboard, RTX

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi (Image credit: Amazon)

MSI MEG Z490I Unify

Best Budget Motherboards For i5 10600k


Brand: MSI | Processor: Intel 10th Gen | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 64GB, 4 x DIMM | Memory Speed: 2133MHz to 5000 MHz (O.C) | Socket: LGA 1200 | Form Factor: Mini-ITX | VRM: 8 | Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.7 x 2 inches |


Solid ten layer PCB

Reinforced PCIe slots

Optimized for Intel 10th Gen processors


No Onboard Diagnostics

High-performance motherboard MSI MEG Z490I Unify incorporates the most significant features of previous extreme gaming motherboards, such as USB Flash compatibility, overclocking support, and even spyware protection, into a single design. An increase in price from prior versions is not uncommon when a well-known motherboard maker launches new motherboards with high-end capabilities.

For huge brands, it’s not unusual for them to release new product lines every year. Still, MSI’s MEG Z490I Unify motherboard boasts numerous unique characteristics apart from the competition. One of the most striking features of the MSI MEG Z490I Unify is its USB 2.0 capability, which allows you to connect your laptop directly to your Motherboard using a USB connection.

The MSI MEG Z490I Unify is an excellent option because of its solid components and cutting-edge technology for taking full advantage of your processor’s and graphics card’s sophisticated capabilities. To provide the maximum potential performance from your equipment, this Motherboard has all of the ports and speeds. Up to three times the performance of previous systems may be achieved by using an Intel Celeron processor and the most recent Intel HD Graphics Cards. As a result, you can use the most significant features of desktop computing while still having everything you need at your fingertips.

There is no other motherboard as complete and modern-looking as the MSI MEG Z490I Unify. It has the most cutting-edge networking, audio, and video components on the market. Additionally, it is equipped with the most excellent 10th generation WiFi connection, guaranteeing that you can always access the internet wirelessly. WiFi upgrades with Bluetooth technology are now available for a hassle-free experience.

A USB Type-C connector is great for transferring your favourite home films and music from your PC to your TV with ease and adding mobility to your computer. The MSI MEG Z490I Unify is guaranteed to wow your family and friends with its combination of cutting-edge innovations.

Heat pipes handle VRM heat dissipation, and the PCIe steel armor ensures that the heaviest of GPUs don’t break your PCIe slot. The M.2 slots’ heatsink and the aluminium cover with an integrated IO shield have been installed to protect your connections.

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k
ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi (Image credit: Amazon)

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G G

Best Overall Motherboards For i5 10600k


Brand: ASUS | Processor: Intel 10th Gen | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128GB, 4 x DIMM | Memory Speed: 2133 MHz to 4800 MHz (O.C) | Socket: LGA 1200 | Form Factor: Micro ATX | VRM: 12+2 | Dimensions: 11.02 x 10.43 x 2.8 inches |


Sufficient RAM Capacity

High-quality thermal pads

Intuitive AI Overclocking user interface


No 10GbE Ethernet

What do recent purchasers say?

The ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi motherboard is on-point, simple, and intended for tiny chassis. If you’re just a gamer and don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with excessive overclocking, this is the right pick. You won’t have to worry about running out of juice with the 12+2 stages. Hi-speed WiFi 6 offers increased capacity and improved performance in densely populated areas with several wireless networks.

What is it about it that grabs our attention?

It looks better, but it performs better as well, thanks to improved headers for cooling and RGB. The VRM heatsink and M.2 heatsink are a tremendous help for lengthy streaming sessions. The ROG Strix emblem glistening on the stainless steel plate proclaims the company’s supremacy in gaming equipment. The GPU’s integrated IO offers two display outputs and a BIOS flashback button.

Who will benefit the most?

It’s designed for gamers that want to keep their gaming desks lean and mean with the bare minimum of gear. Minimal hardware is used to get optimum performance on the Motherboard. As a result of enhanced sound quality, no adversary can be missed with precise accuracy. Noise is kept to a minimum thanks to the audio being effectively insulated. Having two amplifiers ensures that the amplitude is sufficient for all major headphone manufacturers.

To Sum It Up

To know what gamers desire, Asus has been in the gaming market for a long time. Considering you’ll be utilizing an i5 10600k, this Motherboard is well-suited to workstation and content production tasks. An iGPU is built into this CPU; thus, having an HDMI connector and a display port makes it easier to conduct studies that don’t need a separate graphics card. They’ve managed to squeeze in 12+2 phases and 128GB x 4 DIMM slots in such a compact form factor. It’s worthy of a place in your house.

Best Motherboards For i5 10600k
ASUS Z490-E ROG STRIX GAMING (Image credit: Amazon)


Best ATX Motherboards For i5 10600k


Brand: ASUS | Processor: Intel 10th Gen | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128GB, 4 x DIMM | Memory Speed: 2133 MHz to 4800 MHz (O.C) | Socket:LGA1200 | Form Factor: ATX | VRM: 14+2 | Dimensions: 13.3 x 10.7 x 2.7 inches |



Supreme Audio Chipset

LGA 1200 socket compatible


No Dual BIOS

What do recent purchasers say?

The i5 10600K CPU is supported by this Motherboard, which has all the necessary functions. Its performance will remain high as long as VRM power the CPU with 14+2 stages. Any AAA game needs at least 128 GB of RAM to run well. Although 64 GB is plenty for most popular games, adding a buffer ensures that your system is future-proof.

What is it about it that grabs our attention?

The ASUS Z490-E ROG STRIX GAMING is a gaming laptop in keeping with its moniker. With this Motherboard, you may be an online gamer or streamer and keep it operating around the clock. Using this Motherboard’s heatsinks, the VRMs, M.2 SSDs, and the chipset will be excellent. When it comes to noise cancellation and targeting your adversaries, the ROG SupremeFX audio chipset is unsurpassed.

Who will benefit the most?

ASUS’ ROG line of gaming laptops and desktops is designed for gamers who want everything they need to play their favorite games in one place. Gaming enthusiasts will benefit from the Motherboard’s increased performance. More options are needed for bench-based overclockers. This Motherboard, on the other hand, is fully equipped for gamers. All of the most recent games need RAM speeds of at least 4800 MHz.

To Sum It Up:
This Motherboard will be the talk of your social circle if it is housed in a stunning case. The STRIX branding near the IO shield and splatters all over the board give it a worn-in appearance. It is possible to utilize this Motherboard’s iGPU for productivity since no discrete GPU is needed for booting, and display connectors are available on the IO panel.


In my opinion, the most outstanding motherboards can provide excellent performance at a reasonable price. A motherboard with six USB connections, two MIDI ports, a Firewire connector, and an Intel HD or AMD discrete graphics integrated graphic card will provide the most satisfactory gaming experience. Going with a laptop with integrated graphics and sufficient RAM and hard drive space is preferable if you’re searching for a low-cost desktop replacement for your computer. A faultless computer experience should be possible with this mix of hardware and software.

Frequently Asked Questions

For an i5 10600K processor, what is the ideal Motherboard to get?

If you’re looking for the newest and finest in Intel processors, go no further than ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex. Overclockers will find it the most excellent option for cable management, onboard diagnostics, and overclocking tools. Liquid nitrogen-based cooling has been used to smash records by specific users, and this Motherboard handled it admirably.

Does anybody know what kind of chipset the i5 10600K has?

Socket LGA1200 on the Z490 chipset is ideal for the i5 10600K. Motherboards, such as the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi, have effectively accommodated this beast of a chipset. Any E-ATX motherboard can easily match the performance of this Motherboard. To run today’s most powerful graphics cards, the Z490 chipset must have PCIe 4.0 capability.

What is the best Motherboard for an i5 10600K?

Intel’s 10600K processor requires the best Motherboard possible. It packs much punch into such a tiny space. Maintaining quick and dependable hardware performance is easy thanks to the 10-layer PCB architecture and support for 5000 MHz RAM overclocking. Any RAM-intensive program or game can run smoothly with 64GB of RAM.

In terms of motherboards, what’s the best deal on an i5 10600K?

The least expensive Motherboard that supports the Core i5 10600K is the Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC. If you’re looking for a good value for your money, this Motherboard is the best option. Overclocking, WiFi, BIOS and RGB lighting are all on board, as are onboard connectors and IO ports.